An ex-prizefighter and civil rights labor leader brings the city of Pittsburgh to its knees in his fight to integrate minority workers into the construction unions of the late 1960s.

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The Man Behind Black Monday

After the creation of The Pittsburgh Plan, the first federally funded apprentice program for minorites in the construction and skilled craft unions. Nate Smith, the program founder graces the cover of Jet Magazine.

The Man Behind Black Monday

A riveting montage of history and legend, “The Man Behind Black Monday” gives us a personal glimpse of the legendary Nate Smith- one of the most unconventional, militant activists during the 1960s and 70s that has largely remained unsung outside the city of Pittsburgh…until now.
Hotelier Shelia Johnson and PMG films Nicole McGruder

Middleburg Film Festival

This year will be the first time that PMG attends the Middleburg Film Festival. We are all slated to see many of this year’s favorites: ’71, Escobar: Paradise Lost, and of course the Centerpiece Film, Imitation Game.
NAACP President Byrd Brown

An Interview with Alma Fox

Living civil rights legend Alma Fox gives exclusive interview to Parkview Media Group producer, Ellis McGruder, about the fearless, civil rights leader, Byrd Brown.
Courtesy of KDKA PGH.

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